who we are...

the butterfly effect in chaos theory states that the tiny flutter of a butterfly’s wing can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world.  that is how we think about our work.  the smallest detail can have profound impact.  we don’t think of the products we produce as swag.  to us, they are brand butterflies.  creating material impact and immeasurable value for your brand. 

we are a team of MBAs, graphic designers and marketing experts who share the core belief that a successful promotional marketing company is built from a deep understanding of design and marketing and a total commitment to cultivating synergistic relationships between the two, specifically in the products we deliver.  we have been working this way since 2000, creating unique products that deliver compelling messages.

we have the experience, the connections, the creativity and the agility to meet and exceed your marketing needs while adhering to your budget and production constraints.  we would love to collaborate with you and put our experience and detailed eye to work for you.